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The Best Content Of The PBH Network From April

It's been quite an April for the PBH Network: over 5 million visitors, our first (record-setting!) 500,000 visitor day, and over 3,600 fans on Facebook. With such a great month, we wanted to recap the best performing content from April from across the PBH Network:

5. What Happens When A Hippie Gives You 30 Hits Of Acid

Our unnamed protagonist -- a worker at a local coffee shop -- describes how he would leave out food for the homeless, only to have his generosity repaid one fateful evening by a local hippie who proceeded to put 30 hits of acid into his mouth. What would follow was an incredible journey told brilliantly by the narrator.

4. Dam Goats!

The funny thing about goats is they are the most goofy yet adroit, sure-footed creatures on the planet. And nothing displays it better than this photoseries of them climbing an almost completely vertical dam in Italy.

3. Introducing Your Worst Nightmare: Karate Kyle

You picked on him in junior high, but Kyle came back after summer vacation with a new trick up his sleeve: Karate. Now he's going to make everyone pay for the injustice that he has faced.

2. What Will Happen If Gay Marriage Is Legalized?

We didn't include an image because... well, we don't want to give the secret away! But people from across the internet have called this the only graph you need on gay marriage.

1. The First Zombie-Proof House

Zombie Proof House

We all know it's coming, it's just a matter of time: the zombie apocalypse. Luckily, a Polish architecture firm designed the world's first zombie-proof house. You will not be disappointed.


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