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Economic Inequality in The USA

Where land of the free means land of the rich and the poor. Originally from ProseBeforeHos, Economic Inequality In The United States.

The Cutest Koala Pictures

The cutest Koala Bear pictures you'll see in your life:

You Ever Seen A Turtle Bust A Nut?

Boba Fett Playing The Accordion

(Or, just another day in New York City -- this was photographed on 20th St. and 10th Avenue)

Sean Connery Explains When It's OK To Hit A Woman

Narwhal WTF!

A Cat and Monkey Make Out

Well, I thought I had everything the internet had to offer me. But then I saw a cat and monkey make out:

Apparently, this is some sort of regular occurrence that I never knew about:

A Deer Licking A Cat