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People Who Bought Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht Also Bought...

John and Kate Plus Eight Amazon

Looks like Amazon took the other products from the Jon and Kate Plus Ei8ht: The Complete Season 4 page. But what might be even better are the customer tags on the product page for Season 4: Volume 1:

Jon and Kate Plus Ei8ht Amazon Tags

I don't disagree with one of those tags.


PBH said...

Too good for cyanide, are we Amazon users?!

Anonymous said...

Kind of pointless seeing as how they'd already be dead inside

Laura said...

The tags are even better now: horrible people, awful hair styles, mental illness, turd, vomit, liederhosen, please die. I did not make a single one of those up (not even liederhosen, lmao!)

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